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Berry Sensation Smoothie

Classic fruit flavors

Our 100% fruit smoothies are a bold traditional flavor surely to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Made with only natural fruit, yogurt and, all natural juice…blended to satisfaction, your taste buds won’t know what hit them!


our mango smoothie is the perfect blend for a nice pick me up from our crazy life, kick up your feet to this classic, creamy, chilled mango mania. We make each one with love and at your command.


our strawberry is a light flavor but don’t underestimate her she is bold in satisfaction, it’s rich in texture and will calm any sweet cravings. Perfect for a hot cali weather on the beach.


our tropical pineapple smoothie will transport you to a whole new world of flavor! This tropical fruit will have you dancing once you’re taste buds taste it..can you say ‘’delish’’!!

Combo smoothie:

  • Berry sensation
  • Green heart
  • Pina colada
  • Acapulco blast
  • Mangonada: is a blast of mango, chili powder and tamarind with chamoy, these mixed flavours will surely wake up any taste buds it’s!!!

Mangonada-Jugos-AcapulcoJugos Acapulco Mangonada



Tu & Yo Milkshake: papaya and vanilla mixed with rompope flavors.

Tu & yo

take that special person none other than our you and me milkshake, they will fall in love with our papaya and vanilla mixed with rompope flavors..this drink will transport you to paradise..


  If you love all whole granolas, nuts then this is a perfect combination for you! This rich milkshake includes a variety of oats and nuts blended to amazingness!! Perfect for a fast breakfast on the run…


this is a decadent sweet treat in a cup, if your about the eggnog life this is for you, it’s a perfect blend of fruits and eggnog, and like its name it will warm up your taste buds in delight.


in need of a quick pick me up? But u need more than the old plain coffee? We’ve got something for u meet our blend of banana, vanilla, chocolate and the main star coffee…. hold on for the ride…


don’t let the name scare you! This is bold in flavor, you won’t be able to stop drinking it. Made with pineapple, coconut, eggnog, vanilla and milk.. you won’t regret this partnership!!


a bit more traditional? Quick liquid breakfast? Met our vaca, perfect chocolaty taste blended with bananas and vanilla it’s going to have you coming for more. Enjoy our vaca anytime of the will have u saying ‘’mooo’’


our bomba is that exactly an explosion! Of everything except the kitchen sink…she includes all the fruits and granolas, nuts and protein…perfect as a breakfast…


this is a powerful milkshake that delivers a punch to healthy radiant skin with the avocados natural oils , ingredients are mamey , avocado , vanilla and milk blended to a smooth rich drink…your body will thank you!

Create your own:

*strawberry *papaya *guayaba *banana *coconut *nuts *mamey *apple *mango *soursop *chocolate Here are our single flavored milkshakes all freshly made to order! enjoy..


Strawberry Malt / Malteada

Our malts are perfect for cooling down on a summer day. It’s a thick cold creamy consistency made with churned ice and fruit with a splash of evaporated milk. Choose your flavor:

  • strawberry
  • banana
  • chocolate
  • mamey
  • coconut
  • mango
  • vanilla
  • eggnog
  • guayaba
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