Jugos Acapulco Menu


Milkshakes, Malts & Smoothies

Looking for satisfaction in a cup? Look no more! We have our famous milkshakes, all fresh ingredients; whole milk or choice of low-fat milk, fresh natural fruits of your choice, honey, or sugar to sweetened, all blended to your liking. Have fun creating your flavors! *All include ice.

Watermelon Juice

Natural Juices & Fresh Waters

Natural Juices & Fresh Waters

Fruit Salads - Hawaiiana & Bionico

Fruit Salads

When you crave something sweet and are hungry, but you don’t want food, problem solved with our variety of fruit salads! We make the topping sauces on-site, and all the fruit is fresh and handpicked for each order!
Chicken Salad

Healthy Choices: Wraps, Sandwiches, Salads

We got you covered! We have a variety of tasty healthy food choices; we won’t make you eat anything less than flavorful with our vast menu items.
Tacos Jugos Acapulco

Mexican Food – Antojitos Mexicanos

We have authentic flavors traditional to our heritage when it comes down to our Mexican cuisine, we take pride in serving you only the best.

Tortas, Burritos & Quesadillas, Breakfast Burrito, Tacos al vapor, Tacos, Combo Plate, Tamales, Breakfast.

Kids Meal Sandwich

Kids Menu

Have a picky little eater? No worries! We have a couple of selections for them, providing them with a fresh cut fruit cup on the side as a sweet treat.