We are celebrating 33 years on 2020

Here we have another success story of a woman who started from nothing and accomplished the “American Dream”, who has now been able to serve over 4 million pleased customers. What an inspiring story to say that all the success of Jugos Acapulco today started in a garage giving five dollar haircuts with no prior experience.

In order to raise her son, Connie; a single mother and immigrant from Jalisco, Mexico, started to work at a local Santa Ana hair salon. She worked with an incredible passion, determination and with the mindset to one day live the dream of being a prominent business woman. She then was able to buy the salon. Meanwhile, Connie had the vision to give her customers at the salon something new, healthy, refreshing and different. She pictured herself in the beautiful beach of Acapulco, eating fresh fruit and drinking delicious freshly squeezed juices… Sounds pretty exotic, doesn’t it? Well, back in 1983 it sure was, because there was nothing like it around in Southern California. By 1985, she had finally opened up her first juice shop that focused on serving people the Hawaiian fruit salad, fresh juices, milkshakes and tortas (Mexican sandwich).

With tremendous strike and accomplishment, she had founded what the people of Orange County wanted, which was a great menu with always reasonable prices. Finding that customers from all over OC loved the hawaiiana fruit salad and fresh beverages, reputation grew, creating the need to expand and open at a different and bigger location. 1987 marked the beginning of the most significant opening when Jugos Acapulco opened at the Santa Ana Downtown Plaza and two more locations in the following 4 years. So here we have a woman with little knowledge of how to run a restaurant but lots of intuition into giving her customers what they want, letting them build our menu with a vast variety of choices of delightful Mexican food and fresh natural juices.

So come down and enjoy a great experience with us at any of our four locations today and let us work hard to please you.

Connie; a single mother and immigrant from Jalisco, Mexico. Founder of Jugos Acapulco. 1985.

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